The Quirkle card is the remarkable new device for signaling waiters and waitresses. It makes dining more convenient for you and the restaurant staff.

Simply place the Quirkle card on the table and press the button. A gentle red glow alerts the staff that you need service.

Use the Quirkle card when you are ready to order, need more water/drinks/food or to request a check when you are finished with your meal. Focus on your conversation instead of searching for your waiter who always seems to disappear when needed. Waiters can see that you need something from a distance.

The Quirkle card is the same size as a credit card so it takes virtually no space. It’s brand new – you’ll be one of the first to experience this handy new device!

Listen to these real chats with waiters after their first Quirkle experience…






Quirkle card

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quirkle 12

Quirkle card 12 Packs

Restaurant owners can enhance their ambiance and show they are on the leading edge of service by providing Quirkle cards to patrons. Qty 12 packs are $359.