Quirkle is the remarkable Windows application that turns math upside down

Instead of generating data from your formulas, Quirkle creates formulas from your data.

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Plug in your numbers and watch Quirkle develop better and better formulas to fit your data, effortlessly.

Quirkle can help you expand markets, optimize processes, create spreadsheets, evaluate drugs, analyze prospective customers, select new products, discover laws of physics and much more. And when you have incomplete data, Quirkle can help fill in the gaps.

The Quirkle formula generator is quick and easy to use and can make you more competitive than ever. Best of all, you can learn to use Quirkle in just minutes.

Utility optimization

Spreadsheet formulas

Easy to use


The Quirkle software has applications in science, marketing, finances, statistics, programming, manufacturing, optimization and much more.

Medical research

Process optimization

Energy exploration

Financial analysis

Consumer marketing


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