How to use Quirkle

Using Quirkle is simple:

  1. At the Number of Vars control select the number of input variables. This is the number of columns of input data.
  2. Enter the input data starting at column X or copy from a spreadsheet and paste (Ctrl+V).
  3. Enter or copy the output data to the Result column.
  4. Select the formula building blocks:+, -, *, /, Sqrt, Pow are often good starting points. Include the trig functions only if you feel they may benefit formula development.
  5. The output field will show the differential between the Result data and what the discovered formula provides for the result.
  6. On the slider select the desired formula complexity – Simple is a good starting point. Increase the complexity only as needed to get the blue output plot closer to the data points.
  7. Click the Start button to start the formula discovery process. You should see the blue line gradually get closer to the red input data points as the engine discovers better and better formulas.
  8. Discovered formulas appear below the plot. You can copy (Ctrl+C) and paste the formula into a spreadsheet, a document or a computer program and edit as appropriate.
  9. Click the Pause button to temporarily stop the discovery process.
  10. The Least Square and Least Deviation show the numerical fit of the discovered formula to the Result data.

Simplifying formulas

To simplify an existing formula, create a spreadsheet where you apply the existing formula to several rows of input data. Then proceed as described above. Quirkle might return your original formula or a simpler one. Depending on the fit you can decide whether to use the simpler formula.

Tell us about your application

We would love to hear how you use Quirkle. Please drop us an email or call us.